It’s good to be bad in Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2. You play as Dracula as he attempts to cure himself of his cursed immortal existence. Still there are others who wish to kill you, creating a wonderfully ironic quest of trying to get past the people trying to kill you so you can kill yourself.

Combat was narrowed down to three weapons. First is your vampire claws which don’t seem that useful. Then there was the a blade which stole life from your enemies, something I had expected the claws to do. Finally there was the option to use flaming fists to break through a blocking attacker. These weapons made for a fairly rounded tool-set to decimate your foes.

While Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is extremely solid, it didn’t stand out as a game that will push any boundaries. This felt like a great game, but generic as well. Hack and slash is an easy genre to become repetitive in. Hopefully there’s more to the game than that, otherwise it seems forgettable.

Castlavania Lords Of Shadow 2 Trailer