Konami debuted the newest trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 showcasing the voice talent for the game and its characters. The most easily recognizable (and great casting) has to be Patrick Stewart as Zobek. Most folks know Stewart as Professor X in the X-Men films and from plenty of other roles around popular culture. From his narration in the trailer it seems he will do a solid job in the game. The main character, Dracula, is played by Robert Carlyle who some may know as the father in the movie 28 Weeks Later. You don’t really get a great sense at how his performance will play out in the trailer but he has solid acting chops and should be a solid pick for the role. Another huge get is Richard Madden who most may know as Robb Stark from the TV show A Game of Thrones. His voice is fantastic and should fit Alucard well.

Other notable people showcased in the trailer are people like Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show, Californication) returning to play Marie, Anthony Howell (Dracula, TV series) playing Victor, and Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) playing Satan. Konami has landed a pretty solid cast overall for the second game in the series and it’ll be interesting to see how they mesh together for the game. Stay tuned for more as Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 nears closer to release.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer