Cars 3 Driven To Win is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, WiiU, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from developers Avalanche Software who previously made the Disney Infinity video games. As it turns out the Cars 3 Driven To Win video game is more fun than expected and picks up after events have transpired in the Cars 3 movie from Disney and Pixar. We played Cars 3 Driven To Win on the PlayStation 4 and the game ran mostly smooth with only a few hiccups along the way. The new controls take some getting used to – there are common ones like accelerating, drift, steer and brake but you can also ‘bump’ cars using the right stick and also perform aerial tricks and change the direction of your car with a flick of the stick.

Cars 3 Driven To Win features 20 different racing tracks and 20 playable cars to race. The game offers a challenge and if you are playing on the default difficulty level it’ll take some time to learn all the shortcuts for each track. Probably the most fun part of playing the game is in Battle Racing which borrows from established games like Mario Kart complete with gathering power-ups, smashing into your opponents and drifting to gain a boost. Cars 3 Driven To Win includes six different game modes: Stunt Showcase, Takedown, Best Lap Challenge, Racing, Battle Racing and Playground. The Playground mode of Cars 3 Driven To Win is a fun place to practice tricks and better understand the handling of your vehicles.

Final thoughts on Cars 3 Driven To Win:

It was unclear what the outcome would be for Avalanche Software with the demise of the Disney Infinity franchise but we’re glad to see the team bounced back and produced a mostly fun and inventive racing games for all ages. Cars 3 Driven To Win is a way more polished experience than what we saw previously in Disney Infinity and the Toy Box Speedway. Probably the biggest disappointment is no online racing against your friends – however, you can challenge someone locally in co-op mode.

Cars 3 Driven To Win on PS4


Cars 3 Driven To Win Review Score



  • Tracks are visually fun to race
  • Battle racing with tons of options
  • Cars movie franchise faithfully carried over into a game


  • No online racing
  • Have to race to unlock tracks and various modes
  • Graphics not impressive