Nostalgic gaming trips are strange things. They are, at the same time, wonderful and terrible. It’s always great to step back into a classic game. Unfortunately the memory of the game is usually better than the actual game itself. Most of us have been conditioned to expect the latest and greatest, and decades old games simply can’t hold our attention. Such is the nature of an industry that is constantly evolving and moving forward as fast as it can.

Three relatively obscure titles have been assembled for the Capcom Arcade 1986 Gamepack, obscure relative to the other Capcom Arcade Cabinet games offered of course. These three games, while lesser known, are examples of quarter thievery at its finest. Lucky for us continues are free on home consoles. Otherwise after battling through the claustrophobic, enemy filled, potential seizure inducing later screens the final boss of Side Arms would have easily cost me $8 in quarters to beat. A screen packed with foes isn’t the only one of those old arcade tricks employed to lighten players’ pockets on display here. The endless enemy spawn-well so hated by gamers now got its start back in the days of the dimly lit crowded arcade hall. Post-apocalyptic side scroller Trojan utilized the “dude well” expertly, predicating its difficulty almost exclusively on it. Let us not forget the be all end all of pocket emptying arcade traps: High difficulty, one-hit kills, and no lives to live. The 1986 Gamepack covers this final base with the infuriating top down/side scrolling hybrid Legendary Wings.

For those of us old enough to have possibly played these games back in the arcade days, these re-releases are great trips down memory lane. They all capture the look and feel of those bygone days with preset turbo buttons that are thumb saving gifts for which Capcom should be thanked. Be fore warned: Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1986 Gamepack does fall into the previously mentioned “nostalgia trap”. Whereby they are fun diversions in the short term, but you’ll be reaching for a current gen game before to long. For those out there to young to have played these the first time around, or may have never experienced the now dying arcade scene, pick these up. Know your roots kids!

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Trailer

Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1986 Pack Trailer