MEGA BLOKS is a toy company which produces action building play sets for youth licensed properties – we made a handful of videos showing off the Skylanders Mega Bloks collection.  Having the Skylanders license under your belt is quite an achievement but this week Mega Bloks announced they’ll be producing a line of toys for the hugely popular franchise Call Of Duty.

We had a chance to check out two of the kits from the Call Of Duty Collector Construction Sets – RIB Beach Assault which features Derek ‘Frost‘ Westbrook and the Mountain Recon which are both included in our unboxing video.  Some of the other Call Of Duty sets that will be made available for Fall 2013 include: Drone Attack, Desert Troopers, Seal Team, Alpine Rangers, Chopper Strike (with helicopter), Light Armor Firebase (with Alex Mason), Dome Battleground (with Master Sergeant Sandman) and the Heavy Armor Outpost (with tank).


Mega Bloks is offering a great variety of Call Of Duty sets to choose from and the timing leading into the newest game Call Of Duty Ghosts couldn’t be any better.  Mega Bloks is labeling these as part of their ‘Collector Construction Sets’ which seem aimed towards an older crowd of video gamers who want toys to collect and not so much younger kids looking for toys to play with.  The sets we were able to unbox and assemble had great detail and not that difficult to put together – our only complaint was the ‘how to’ book was bland and sometimes made it hard to figure out which piece-goes-where.

For more info on the Call Of Duty Collector Construction Sets from Mega Bloks
head over to their website and be sure to watch our unboxing video: