Activision held a media showcase in Los Angeles today to reveal all the multiplayer details for their upcoming video game Call Of Duty Ghosts.  The Call Of Duty franchise as an brand has had an impact on boys and girls of all ages and especially transcended into media and pop culture.  The event kicked off with an extensive sizzle reel that helped capsulize how important Call Of Duty has been on a global scale.

Eric Hirshberg from Activision played host to the event and expressed his excitement for the new game and talked about how entertainment and technology have changed over the years but the Call Of Duty franchise remains a constant strength in the gaming community.  The new multiplayer trailer was shown off with a new song from Eminem called ‘Survival’ and they showed a clip of Eminem talking about working with Activision and how excited he is about the new game.

Next up was Mark Rubin the Executive Producer at Infinity Ward – the company behind Call Of Duty Ghosts — who talked about some of the new game modes in multiplayer expressing there will 7 new game modes possible.  Rubin went into great detail talking about how in Ghosts you’ll be able to start a character or ‘Soldier‘ from scratch and customize him or her to your satisfaction.  Rubin also talked about how they are introducing ‘Squads‘ of up to 10 custom made Soldiers that can be used to fight against other AI or MP matches.  Squad points can be gained and used to level up each customized Soldier who each has the ability to Prestige.

Probably the ‘stand out’ mode or take-away phrase from today’s event is the new multiplayer mode called ‘Cranked‘.  In Cranked you have a timer on screen and if it runs out before your next kill then you will explode — think of this as a clever move in countering ‘Campers‘.

Call Of Duty Ghosts will be out November 5th 2013 – be sure to check out our vlog from the event talking about our first impressions!

Call Of Duty Ghosts MP Reveal Vlog