Big weekend for Skylanders fans as we see the release of Skylanders Swap Force Oct 13, 2013 in the U.S.  It can be tricky trying to keep track of which stores are selling what figures and some shops even have their own variants.  Toys R Us is having a midnight release in stores across the U.S. and will feature two pretty good deals – first at TRU they’re doing a buy one get one 40% off and if you spend over $100 on Skylanders figures and accessories you’ll get a free special Green Metallic Gill Grunt figure.

Toys R Us generally has the bulk of stock when it comes to shopping and will also be selling their ‘Legendary’ gold figures for Free Ranger and Grim Creeper.  Walmart will have a special Enchanted Hoot Loop figure and Target will have exclusive Nitro Magna Charge two-packs available.  GameStop will be selling the Dark Edition of Skylanders Swap Force which comes with 5 ‘dark’ variant figures — most stores will also having the Lightcore Hex figure now available and ‘free’ with a pre-order purchase.

To help kick off the celebration of Skylanders Swap Force – the fine folks at Activision have put together a brand new online show called the Skylanders Boomcast which stars Zachary Gordon.  Boomcast is a weekly show meant to showcase various new Skylanders, include behind the scenes fun, talk tips and showcase fan-art found on the web.  Two episodes have aired thus far with more on the way!

Where to Buy Skylanders Swap Force Figures

Skylanders Boomcast Ep 1