Shout Factory released the Chuck Norris action movie Braddock: Missing In Action III (1988) to Blu-ray this month to coincide with their release of Invasion U.S.A.  The big difference here is that the Invasion U.S.A. Blu-ray is packed full of bonus features including new content while the extra features for Braddock Missing In Action III are simply… missing.

Missing In Action III marks the final film in this trilogy and is probably hailed as the ‘best of the bunch’ by most movie-goers who enjoyed the silly yet action packed era of Chuck Norris 1980s films as there were plenty to go around.  In Missing In Action III our hero Braddock must return to Communist Vietnam to rescue his beloved wife and son with whom he thought dead years prior.

It’s worth mentioning that Braddock: Missing In Action III was directed by Aaron Norris a younger brother of Chuck Norris who served for three years in the U.S. Army during Vietnam.  Most of Braddock’s action scenes have the typical over-the-top craziness to them so common of movies from 1980s but there is some charm to be found in the more poignant scenes involving Braddock with his wife and son.

No bonus features to be had at all on the Braddock: Missing In Action III Blu-ray but the picture quality and color cover and insert are all top notch – all things considered.  We’re puzzled as to why the Invasion U.S.A. Blu-ray and Braddock are both priced the same when one disc is full of extras and the other has nothing.