Last year COIN-OP TV helped celebrate Valentine’s Day by compiling a video featuring our Top 5 co-op games to play with your significant other.  This year, we can sit back and relax because our friends at Nexon took care of all things romance and video game with their latest ‘trailer’ or ‘short film’ for MapleStory.  MapleStory, like all Nexon games, is free-to-play and doesn’t require a fast performance PC to run – which makes the romance in this fictional tale even more believable.

We’ve seen a handful of Nexon trailers and teasers produced in-house that play off of their games in a clever way but this one offers a ‘virtual’ glance inside the hearts and minds of the MMO gaming inside of us all.   When you need a break from the Xbox 360 and/or the PlayStation 3 then be sure to give one of their Windows PC based games a whirl – who knows, maybe you’ll find someone special just waiting for you on the other side!

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