Like playing as a sexy female protagonist who kicks ass – no prob then cause Blades of Time has you covered!  Blades of Time features heroine Ayumi who speaks very properly considering her ability to slice and dice her way through demons and monsters who seem to pop up everywhere.

I meant to play hours and hours of Blades of Time to bring you plenty of fun gameplay and a full review but for the life of me – couldn’t figure out how to invert my Y axis…… so I could only make it about an hour before my upside-down aiming forced me to quit.  Why a ‘nex-gen’ game would be released without the ability to invert the Y axis in 2012 is beyond me but if you play games like ‘normal’ people then Blades of Time will offer a fun and rewarding experience.

Blades of Time could easily be summed up as ‘a female God of War‘ as it has many of those elements – lacking the polish and depth of a Sony Santa Monica studios, of course.  Blades retails for only $39.99 so in a way you don’t expect much from the discounted price and it offers up enough fun for a weekend of hacking and slashing.  There is online co-op available to help keep the replay value alive – Blades of Time might just be a decent ‘filler’ game for those of us eagerly awaiting the next Lara Croft to be released.

Blades of Time is out now from Konami for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – we’ve provided some gameplay from the first 25 minutes of the game for you to check out!

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