We all want it. But sadly BioShock Infinite has been delayed again. In a message to the fans Ken Levine stated the reason for the delay as… “BioShock Infinite is a very big game, and we’re doing things that no one has ever done in a first-person shooter. We had a similar experience with the original BioShock, which was delayed several months as our original ship date drew near. Why? Because the Big Daddies weren’t the Big Daddies you’ve since come to know and love. Because Andrew Ryan’s golf club didn’t have exactly the right swing. Because Rapture needed one more coat of grimy Art Deco. The same principle now applies to BioShock Infinite.”

A LinkedIn job posting that has been racing around the Internet might hold another answer to why the game has been delayed. The job description states that Irrational Games is “looking for an talented and experienced individual to help us with the networking aspects of BioShock Infinite.” With responsibilities including “Work with the team who created BioShock network code” and “Responsible for delivering a robust, scalable, and responsive client-side networking support on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms”. They’ve done it once, so could this mean the addition of multiplayer? Or are we simply looking at a case of Duke Nukemitis?