We championed Vanquish from Sega a couple of years ago so were eager to get a closer look at Binary Domain when it became available to play at E3 2011.  Binary Domain offers an interesting take on the squad combat/tactics in which you can control your AI via the controller or by voice commands and how they react to your commands depends on the bonds you form in the game.  For instance – leave one of your guys under heavy fire and they will take longer to revive you in the battlefield.

It’s an interesting concept and one we didn’t master during our short E3 2011 hands-on demo as there was already so much going on in the screen at one time that it was difficult to keep track of where our teammates were.  Rainbow Six Vegas got the squad tactical commands down to a science by simply letting you point to a location and letting your teammate advance and either take cover or return fire.  On the complete opposite side of the fence is the Operation Flashpoint series in which there are so many options in clicking away at the dpad that is almost impossible to invoke commands while under fire.

We’ll have to wait until Feb 2012 to see if Binary Domain can find a fluid balance in a game that already looks exciting and fun upon first viewing.

More info visit: http://www.sega.com/games/binary-domain