Goodgame Studios brings their mobile game expertise over to the PC with the release of Big Farm Story. In Big Farm Story you found out that your grandpa has left you his farm and it’s your role to take over the farm and create your own story on the farm.

The graphics in Big Farm Story are very similar to those found in mobile games with bright and vivid colors drawing you into the environment. Items and individuals you can interact with are easily identifiable with a symbol over then or the object “flashing” a different color. Customization options abound also, including numerous outfits for your pig and multiple furniture options for your house. 

The audio in Big Farm Story is a good fit for this type of game. The music is relaxing and gives a good “chill” vibe. The one annoyance I had was the initial sound characters would make at times when greeting you before the text dialogue appeared. It’s hard to describe but it became irritating to me after only a few conversations.

Like most farming games, you move around your farm growing various items and selling them to earn currency. At the start of the game, you are introduced to various characters and can choose to assist them by completing the tasks they gave you. Some tasks are simple like talking to a specific character while others require you to collect several objects before talking to another character. The quests are a nice way to help you level your character in the game.

The downside I noticed is that there is a lot of waiting for crops to grow in this game. While inherently this isn’t a bad thing but when playing on a PC you don’t want to have to sit there for long periods of time waiting for things to happen. That type of game style is better suited for a mobile game which leads me to my last point, I’m not sure a PC version of Big Farm Story was necessary.  While the game is still fun to play, I believe it’s better suited as a mobile title and not a PC title.

Big Farm Story on PC


Big Farm Story Review Score



  • Simple to use interface, Bright, colorful environments.


  • Long times of inactivity waiting for crops to grow.
  • Not as deep as other farming games.
  • Seems like it would be better as a mobile title, not a PC title.