Battlecry is an upcoming action-combat game coming next year from Bethesda‘s new studio out of Austin, Texas.  Battlecry features 32 player online multiplayer – it is a stylized game where gunpowder has been banned.  Most of the combat is melee and features plenty of chaotic running around and some ranged weapons – depending on the classes you pick to play.

Battlecry has a variety of factions and classes like The Enforcer, The Duelist, Tech Archer and Gadgeteer.  From what we saw early on – beginners will most likely shy away from ranged combat and take their chances with the melee attacks.  The fighting in-game was very fast paced and best of all was the use of grappling hooks that help launch you from one area of the map to another — something we’d love to see used more.

Some questions or things we scratched our heads on while playing was that it was difficult to dodge/evade during combat.  We also wanted some type of aim-assist or enemy lock-on feature on which the developers said is still being worked on.  There was also no way to quickly spin around and deflect a blow or counter from enemies attacking from the rear – so most of our deaths came as a surprise.

Battlecry Announcement Trailer

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