Batman The Telltale Series video game Episode 1 ‘Realm of Shadows‘ is out now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with distribution coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and beyond soon.  Like most Telltale games new Batman game follows the same rules and plays mostly like a point-and-click adventure game with plenty of dialogue scenes and some faux-action elements.  The biggest ‘pro’ heading into this game is the decision to make Bruce Wayne the main character of the game however some gamers may see that as a ‘con’ if they’re more interested in Batman.


  • Art Style and Design
  • Voice Acting
  • Focus on Bruce Wayne
  • Customized Tech Color
  • Cost Effective


  • Fight scenes don’t require you to push buttons
  • Choppy / Slowed down frame rates (we played on PS4)
  • Pretty short – about 3 hours for chapter one
  • Wish there was a ‘lock on’ option when moving the retina on screen to highlight active elements
  • Contrived Gangster Villain

Batman The Telltale Series offers you a chance to be as brutal or as nonlethal as you want to play with ‘consequences’ factoring into the outcome of the story when it finally unfolds.  We hope to have more impressions of future episodes of Batman The Telltale Series when they release – in the meantime enjoy the gameplay!

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