Indie comics are a hard sell nowadays. It’s harder to sell something so unknown when it’s stacked against sought after franchises. The struggle to become noticed in the swell of comics can be almost as entertaining as the books themselves.  So when Axe Cop was able to gain a small following and even a cartoon, I decided to check out the panel to see what all the fuss was about.

The way that Axe Cop is created is both unique and endearing. Ethan Nicolle had been down on his luck trying to launch a comic that simply wouldn’t take off. A much needed family vacation changed all that when he decided to play with his then 5 year old brother Malachai Nicolle. They played “Axe Cop” together and soon Ethan began consolidating the world that his brother was creating into comic strips. He found that Malachai had a strange logic whenever it was playtime. Many of these ideas made their way into the comics, such as being splashed with someone’s blood would in turn give you their powers. Even Axe Cop himself is morbid, how could he not be with a catchphrase like ” I will chop your heads off!” In fact many of the strategies that Axe Cop employs are down right evil, like releasing robotic poisonous insects to kill off all the bad guys on Earth. His various enemies are just as insane, like the panel favorite Everything Man who is half man, half everything. There’s always something crazy going on in Axe Cop, making it well worth reading.

Axe Cop’s webcomic is still going strong on and is almost done getting married. If cartoons are more your fancy you can check them out on Animation Domination High-Def at 11pm/10c on FOX or at!/shows/axecop