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MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ is COIN-OP TV’s photographer on location. Michael quickly became one of the premiere event photographers in the Los Angeles area after relocating from San Diego. Michael’s nickname ‘BlankLogo’ is a stab at anti-establishment and stems from the desire to create amazing images.

Call of Duty World at War interviews

Call of Duty World at War is the latest smash title from Treyarch! COIN-OP TV interviews with Treyarch team members Josh Olin (community manager), Hank Keirsey (Military Advisor) and David Vonderhaar (Multiplayer Design Director). Call of Duty World at War interviewsUploaded by pennyman

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COIN-OP TV ANNIVERSARY PARTY – HUGE SUCCESS! The headlines this week may very well read ‘E For All Expo so-so but COIN-OP TV party a smash’. Many thanks to all 300 guests who attended our first big party to celebrate 4 years of COIN-OP TV broadcasting both live and as a video podcast. We had [...]

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Nintendo Unveils New DSi Handheld

Despite labeling recent reports of a new DS "speculation," Nintendo has indeed announced a new version of its hugely successful handheld. At a conference in Tokyo, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled the new Nintendo DSi, which features not one but two 640x480 cameras, MP3 support, larger screens, and more. Read more: GameDaily.com

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Rob & Hailey at the SC3 Party Sept 2008

Steve Hertz and his SC3 group invited Robert and Hailey from COIN-OP TV to visit the golden age of video games which of course is the eighties!  Steve does an old-fashion backyard party in which he wheels out his original stand-up arcade machines from the garage and sets 'em up on freeplay.  Some of the [...]

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Craig from ScrewAttack.com on COIN-OP TV

Craig of ScrewAttack.com stopped by theStream.tv's studios for an impromptu Friday night COIN-OP TV LIVE.  The show was a well rounded set of questions from both new fans and the dedicated followers of ScrewAttack known as G1s. If you watched the previous episode with Craig from Coin-Op TV Live Episode 127, you might agree that [...]

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Robert Talbert from ‘Arcade’ ManiaTV.com on the show!

Rob Talbert host of ARCADE on ManiaTV.com was on COIN-OP TV LIVE episode 235.  He brought along his lovely co-host Kathryn Lyn.  In addition to talking about video games and a review for Guild Wars - we had some fun playing 'Know Your Co-Host' - an impromptu game show much like The Newlywed Game.  Catch [...]

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League of Legendary Gamers at E For All Expo

The League of Legendary Gamers make appearance at E FOR ALL EXPO in Los Angeles Oct 3-5, 2008 For perhaps the only time in history, 5 of the Nations most recognized gamers come together for one common cause, "Feed the homeless". In an attempt to do what matters most and fulfill an obligation as productive [...]

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Chad Concelmo, Associate Editor, Destructoid.com guest on COIN-OP TV LIVE

Chad Concelmo, Associate Editor, Destructoid.com was our in studio guest on this week's COIN-OP TV LIVE show!  Hosts Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright welcomed Chad as we talked about Destructoid, his career as a game journalist and other fun and random things including dolphins!  Also a review of Rock Band 2, an inside look at [...]

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Greatest American Hero 25th Anniversary Reunion

COIN-OP TV on location at 'The Greatest American Hero' 25th Anniversary Reunion at the Screen Actors Guild - Sunday, September 7th 2008. With a new comic on the way from Catastrophic Comics and a possible movie in the works, according to creator, producer and writer, Stephen J. Cannell, the classic 80s superhero TV series is [...]

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