Capcom has a slew of potential hits coming out in 2012 with Street Fighter X Tekken and DmC leading the pack.  The first major game for them out of the gate is the stylistically cool fighter-button-masher Asura’s Wrath which arrives in stores Feburary 2012.  Gods will clash in Asura’s Wrath – the game is ‘big’ and brought back memories of playing Muramasa: The Demon Blade in the way boss battles are staged on such a large scale.

Asura is out for revenge, once a god himself he now faces former friends and masters in battle.  We played the demo on the Xbox 360 – the graphics are pretty and the action intense.  With only two levels to play on the dmeo there’s not much to delve into however one can see that Asura’s Wrath will appeal to gamers who are fans of the Dragon Ball Z and Naruto series.  The gameplay is very similiar to those Namco Bandai franchises however since Asura’s Wrath is a new franchise it will be hard pressed to tap into that audience since it is a new IP for Capcom.  (We’ve included some gameplay commentary for you to see the demo in action and will be sure to check out the complete game when it becomes available for review)

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