Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel is the third game in this franchise from Electronic Arts.  The previous two games featured lead characters Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios but Devil’s Cartel stars new-comers Alpha and Bravo.  The Army Of Two games have all contained pretty good third person shooter action with cover mechanics and co-op gameplay.  The second game of the series – Army Of Two 40th Day was a great improvement over the debut game because it added strong gameplay in addition to the whacky charm between the two protagonists.

Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel feels much like a slimmed down version of the previous game – gone is the charming and dynamic personality of the leads, gone is the ‘bro’ options to high-five or tease your teammate with meta games and also gone is morality decisions which affect the outcome of the story.

We’re unsure why most of the charm and fun we loved from the previous entry of Army Of Two 40th Day was left out but new to the series is an option to use ‘Overkill’ – an amped up berserk mode that’ll give your character unlimited ammo and health for a short time.  Destructible cover is also something new to the series – which means less camping and sniping and more run-and-gunning toward your opposition.

We played both single-player and local co-op of Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel – both gameplay options work fine and the action is fun and non-stop.  The story is rather forgettable and the new protagonists even more forgettable but for those of us who enjoy a solid third person shooter then this game will deliver enough of a punch to satisfy a week of gaming with your co-op friend or solo.

Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel Trailer

Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel Gameplay Commentary