Nostalgia is all about perspective.

Alien Rage is a first person shooter developed by City Interactive Games, the team behind the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series. Players are tasked with defending a remote mining facility on an asteroid from opposing alien forces that are after promethium, the once plentiful energy source that could power or destroy entire planets.

MacGuffin aside, the game has all the makings of a triple-A shooter were it released a few years back. Plenty of weapons, each with two modes of firing- check. Close to two dozen enemy types with giant boss battles- check. A beautifully rendered sci-fi universe filled with more explosions than a Michael Bay film- check. So what’s wrong with all that, you ask?

Having played certain over-the-top shooters over the last decade or so, Alien Rage feels like an idea still in development. The game is touted as an “old-school style shooter,” but in my mind that equated to “stripped-down.” There were no glaring glitches per-se, but the whole universe felt so indistinguishable from any other generic shooter or science fiction film that I doubt I’ll remember it in a month or so. It’s like watching The Expendables after learning the truth about Keyser Söze- enjoyable for what it is, but nowhere near the caliber of what you have grown accustomed to.

Now, if things like an engaging storyline aren’t a deal breaker for you in a fps, then Alien Rage can certainly fill a few of your gaming sessions with unadulterated joy. Enemy forces will be relentlessly closing in on you whilst you go for a few headshots to score extra points. Built on the Unreal Engine, you already know the graphics, physics, and destructible environments will be up to par. There are only 14 levels, but replay value is definitely there for those who want to squeeze out a few more points or give the multiplayer a try with buddies online.

Alien Rage is fun enough fps fare for those who know exactly what they’re getting- a nostalgic romp through space where you blast everything that doesn’t look like you. Change that perspective ever so slightly though, and you *only* find yourself in space where you blast everything that doesn’t look like you. When there are so many games out there that do it bigger and better, only those looking for a quick fix of sci-fi “pew pew pew” action should give this game a try.

Alien Rage is available now on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN.

Alien Rage Launch Trailer