Lead Designers Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin sit down with AJ LoCascio in the first episode of Playing Dead – the topic of conversation is what exactly Telltale’s upcoming game based on the Robert Kirkman comic ‘Walking Dead‘ is.

The game is based on the comic rather than the AMC TV show. Taking place in the greater Atlanta area, the game focuses on a group new to the ‘Walking Dead’ universe. Episode One (yes, it would appear we’re going to see another episodic game from Telltale) is set at the start of the zombie outbreak, a point on the comic’s timeline that sees main character Rick comatose after having been shot. Expect to see some familiar faces in the game, serving as sort of a reverse character builder Telltale’s Walking Dead will explore what some of the folks from the comic books were doing in the early days of Armageddon.

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