Kickstarter has brought about its share of unique indie games. The latest one I’ve found out about is Adventures of Pip. In it you start as a single pixel who can evolve and devolve into 16 and 32-bit versions of itself. There’s more to the story than that like an evil Skeleton Queen and saving a princess, but that got shifted to the wayside fairly quickly in favor of robust level design.

It’s a solid platfomer that sticks heavily with its influences with a few puzzles sprinkled in for good measure. While the evolution mechanic is fun, none of the puzzles felt like they’re all that challenging. The level I played held my hand rather than letting me figure out my own solution. Since this game isn’t even finished this can change but I don’t see how based on the mechanic. Still this doesn’t hold Adventures of Pip from being a fun game with a bit of charm. I’m hopeful that the boss battles will provide much more freedom, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Adventure of Pip Gameplay Commentary