Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know Hands-On Comic-Con

Adventure Time goodness was around every corner of the San Diego Comic-Con with posters, giants tents, shirts, toys and more but best of all our friends at D3publisher brought along a playable version of the upcoming game ‘Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know‘.  We had a chance to tear into the game which offers 4 player top down co-op action and features all the familiar faces from the popular cartoon series.

Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know harkens classic arcade four-player co-op action in the style of Gauntlet.  The action takes place in one giant dungeon in which each level offers a variety of different gameplay experience and surprises.  We had a chance to play the game and loved it – the action is simple yet fun.  The voice cast from the cartoon series is involved with all original voice-acting new to the video game and an original story written by the show’s creator Pendleton Ward.

Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know will be coming out for the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.  We did a short interview with the development team and apparently the Nintendo Wii U version of the game will include some sort of ‘bonus’ gameplay mechanic not seen on the other consoles.

Adventure Time Video Game Trailer

Adventure Time Video Game Interview

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