Ace Combat Assault Horizon takes flight this week from Namco Bandai.  New to the series is the introduction of the revolutionary ‘close-range assault system’ where players duke it out in an aerial dogfight that is up-close and personal.  You’ll feel the machine gun take apart enemy airplanes and whiz by nearby structures as your plane flies past the city landscape.  Mixed into the flight and combat are cut scenes with your superiors who set up events and fill in some of the story.  There’s also some on-rails missions in which you control a gunner on a helicopter taking out enemy forces on the ground.

Visually, Ace Combat Assault Horizon looks stunning on the Xbox 360 – you can take a view from either the cockpit, first person or a third person view outside the plane.  New York Times best-selling military author Jim DeFelice provides the story for the game but really Ace Combat Assault Horizon is all about flying and shooting enemies down.  Check out the gameplay with Robert Welkner playing so you can see more or you can follow this link to view the trailer online.