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Star Wars Battlefront 3 – An hour of Soul Crushing Gameplay

In a stunning personal attack on Star Wars fans Past to Present has decided to host nearly an hour of gameplay video from an alpha build of Star Wars Battlefront 3. The long anticipated Battlefront 3 was almost through quality assurance testing way back in twenty ought eight. Then due to changes in management (damn(…)

Star Wars: The Old Republic interview PAX 2010

Hailey Bright of COIN-OP TV interviews Cory Butler, producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic from Bioware / LucasArts from PAX 2010. Find out about the space combat options, the Smuggler’s ability to use a cover system and how fans will appreciate the first fully voiced Star Wars MMO game.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 interview from PAX 2010

Hailey Bright from COIN-OP TV interviews Brett Rector, one of the producers for Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2, at PAX 2010. Find out how this LucasArts sequel will improve upon the original game and what to expect from this highly anticipated holiday release.