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Dragon’s Lair XBLA Review & Gameplay

Dragon's Lair is out now on the Xbox 360 - in full HD glory - re-mastered and.....KINECT enabled.  For those of us (like me) old enough to remember this 1983 arcade classic - playing Dragon's Lair on an Xbox 360 is quite a trip down memory lane. So here's the Dragon's Lair concept in a [...]

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Anomaly Warzone Earth XBLA – Review

Titles like Anomaly: Warzone Earth from 11 bit studios make me second guess all those years I scoffed at PC gaming aside from long MMO sessions. This fun and frantic real time strategy game was originally released on Windows and Mac back in 2011, and plays like an addictive, action-packed reverse tower defense game. Set [...]

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  • battleblock theater

BattleBlock Theater Steam Edition Review

BattleBlock Theater is a platforming game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. There are tons of collectibles and chances to play with others in either co-op or competitive mode.

  • may2014

Hot Games May 2014

May 2014 is upon us and there's not a ton of video games to be overly excited about but a decent handful like Wolfenstein The New Order, Watch Dogs and Nintendo's Mario Kart 8.


Strider Review

As a franchise reboot we enjoyed the new Strider immensely -- it has just enough of the original flair mixed with rapid current generation of twitch gaming charm.

  • halo11

Halo Spartan Assault Review

The game itself worked well on tablets and phones given the control scheme it needed to work with, but when ported to Xbox One it just feels dated.

  • rekoil

Rekoil Hands-On Preview

Rekoil is an upcoming first person multiplayer shooter coming to PC and XBLA in the near future developed by Jason Brice and his team.  We had a chance to sit down with the game in a private demo - while still a work-in-progress we were able to get a sense of where Rekoil is heading. [...]

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  • orcattack

Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion Review

Finally, after years of being vilified in games the Orc's time has come. In Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion these creatures of myth have been given the opportunity to fight back against their human oppressors, a pulpit from which to preach the Orcish Gospel; finally at long last a... voice? Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop [...]

  • supertimeforce

Super Time Force IndieCade Preview

Time is on your side in Super TIME Force, a new side-scroller by Capybara Games. You control an elite squad of time travelers that spans from normal soldiers to skateboarding dinosaurs. Your enemies are just as varied sometimes leading to a bullet-hell like atmosphere. This is both the best and worst part of playing as [...]

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  • brothers

Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons Review

Microsoft's 'Summer of Arcade' kicks off with the XBLA game Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons.  We've been covering this game for about a year with an early preview and developer interview with the Game Director Josef Fares way back in Oct 2012. Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons will probably appeal most to gamers [...]