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EA triangle chokes UFC license out of THQ

I seem to recall UFC president Dana White talking some serious smack about EA and their future in the games industry. If memory serves Dana went so far as to say that any fighter that signs on with EA to appear in EA Sports MMA will never fight in the UFC, MMA's premier organization. EA [...]

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Hot Games June 2014

June 2014 has a handful of games to take notice of including EA Sports UFC, Murdered Soul Suspect, Enemy Front, Sniper Elite 3 (listed as a July release on GameStop), and Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark.

EA Press Conference Recap E3 Expo 2013

At the EA Press Conference for E3 Expo, EA did everything to demonstrate it was ready to take the next generation of gaming by storm. Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer, set the mood early before the televised event with jokes and a relaxed demeanor. With two next-gen engines - Frostbite 3 and Ignite - Electronics [...]

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Microsoft Press Conference Recap for Xbox ONE

Microsoft Press Conference revealed much about their upcoming system like the official name 'Xbox One' and that it would be released later this year in 2013.  An extensive time (the first 30 minutes) was spent showing off the new interface, tech specs, system design and controller.  The machine looks very robust and 'strong' like a [...]

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Best Games of 2012 from the COIN-OP TV Team

2012 was a dynamic year for the video game player -- we saw many groundbreaking titles released, many hyped games delayed into 2013 and most recently the release of a new console in the Nintendo Wii U.  Being a gamer has never been more satisfying with so many options on the console systems, windows/mac and [...]

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Gameplay

Much hype and anticipation surrounds the upcoming release of Transformers Fall of Cybertron - only a couple weeks away.  Something we heavily APPROVE here at COIN-OP TV is being able to play demos of big games (or little ones) before launch.  After all - spending money on games can get expensive and who can rely [...]

Yuke’s sequesters Lingerie Football League license

Like a hero soldier throwing himself on a live grenade to save his comrades, developer Yuke's has signed a deal with the Lingerie Football League to keep it out of the hands of others who might seek to actually make a video game out of it. At least that's what I hope is happening here. [...]

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