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The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 Review

Overall episode two has easily topped episode one and the series continues to build momentum towards some devastating conclusion down the road.

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The Walking Dead S2 Ep1 Review

I won't spoil too much of season 1 here, but as it ended we were left with Clementine on her own. All-in-all the first episode is very solid and feels like the studio is picking up right where the last season left off.


The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Preview

With The Walking Dead Season 1 finished and season 2 yet to be released, Tealltale Games is giving fans a little something to hold them over. 400 Days is a new DLC add-on for the incredibly popular first season of the Walking Dead point and click adventure game. A single episode comprised of five separate [...]

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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct – Preview

It looks like Terminal Reality turned the brightness slider way down since last time we saw footage of the upcoming The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. While this new trailer looks better than the last, it does nothing to answer the questions we have about the game. Questions like: What kind of game are we looking at? [...]

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The Walking Dead Ep 5 RECAP (Spoilers)

Episode 5 "No Time Left" brings Telltale Games' Walking Dead Season One to its tragic end. Following tradition Telltale has put together some spoiler heavy statistics on the game tracked player decisions. Everything you've been through over the previous four episodes comes to a head in episode 5. The "choose your own adventure" nature of [...]

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The Walking Dead Episode 5 – (Non-Spoiler) Review

The Walking Dead Episode 5 is the finale of Telltale Games' amazing zombie point-and-click adventure. Episode 5 is aptly sub-titled "No Time Left" as it's the shortest and most action oriented episode of the series, a sprint to the finish. Episode 5 is a shock the player's system. It breaks from the established pattern of [...]

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The Walking Dead Episode 4 – Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4 picks up the story right after the events of Episode 3. The survivors arrive in Savannah in search of Clementine's parents, a boat and hopefully salvation. Things quickly take a turn for the terrible as the Savannah welcome wagon is actually just a crap load of zombies. It seems that [...]

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The Walking Dead Episode 3 – Review

The Walking Dead Episode 3 picks up the story of Lee, Clementine, and the rest of the small group of survivors shortly after the conclusion of Episode 2. Still living in a motor lodge our small band find themselves besieged by bandits. The situation goes from bad to worse with events unfolding that force them [...]

The Walking Dead Episode 2 – Review

The Walking Dead Episode 2 picks up three months after the conclusion of episode 1. We find the survivors holed up in a motor lodge on the edge of starvation. Infighting and the sever lack of food threaten to tear them apart. Out of the wilderness come strangers and the promise of hope. With outstanding [...]

The Walking Dead Episode 2 ambles through release date limbo

An issue with certification is being sited for the delay of Telltale's The Walking Dead Episode 2. Originally slated for a late May 2012 release, Episode 2 finds its self now more than a month late with no firm date. The Telltale Games official web site offers no hints on the matter, simply listing Episode [...]