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  • Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Review

Those looking for an intense fighting game experience should steer clear of Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden.

  • feb2015

Hot Games of Feb 2015

Feb 2015 is a bit 'thicker' on video game releases then normal highlighted by a new IP called Evolve and a new direction for the DBZ series in Dragonball Xenoverse.

  • DBZ2

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Review

If you love Dragon Ball you'll likely have some fun with the game, but whether or not that fun is worth $60 is up to you. I would be waiting for a price drop on this one.

  • dbz

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Preview

The Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z demo only covered the fight up to Nappa so the selection of characters was fairly slim, but it showed enough to give an idea of how the game would play.


Dragon Ball Z For Kinect – Review & Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z is back again in its most physical iteration in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect from Namco Bandai. It was a blast punching and kicking through the most memorable moments of Goku's adventures, but could the legendary Super Saiyan beat his most legendary opponent yet: the Kinect detection sensor? Everything you remember from [...]

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  • adventuretime

Top Five (Recent) CARTOON-Based Games

Books turn into movies. Movies are turned in to games. Television shows are made onto movies. A book into mini-series. Video game into television shows. This is the nature of our entertainment. Cannibalistic, symbiotic, incestual? That's a matter of perspective. On the subject of perspectives, these are the five best cartoon based video games  in recent [...]

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Review & Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi is the latest in a series of DBZ video games from Namco Bandai for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  This is the most polished of the bunch spanning multiple sections of the Dragon Ball Z universe with destructible environments and a 'Hero Mode' character creator.  Dragon Ball Z is [...]

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Does ‘Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans’ Bring the Kamehameha Fever?

Using the story from the Saiyan Saga, Attack of the Saiyans (from Namco Bandai) tries to please fans by releasing the Japanese DS title with the same name.   Unfortunately the game suffers from bad translations and very repetitive gameplay, making it hard to rise above the crowded gaming Holiday season.  Stocking stuffer or not - [...]