One of our favorite things about the iPad is the huge variety of game apps you can download from the App Market.

Game developers from around the world are always working hard trying to create the next game to take the world by storm and make the rest of us even more addicted to our tablets.  If you’re bored and your brain needs something bright and colorful to look at for entertainment you’re reached the right place. We’ve compiled a list of five easy iPad games that guarantee the maximum entertainment value for the least amount of effort possible.



Image credit: Kingsoft

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive puzzle games we’ve ever played and although it has led to many clones in its wake, the original game remains one of the most downloaded games on the App Store.

This sugary-sweet puzzle game will go down a treat with players of all ages and features over 400 levels of increasing difficulty. Playing it is super-easy! Just tap on the sweets and match those of the same color to clear the level and move to the next level.

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Image credit: Supercell

Another favorite that is still going strong despite having been released almost a year ago is Clash of Clans. This epic combat strategy game lets you unleash your inner warrior as you lead a band of soldiers in your quest to conquer rival clans’ villages and bring the whole world under your command!

But looting and pillaging other villages is only half the story. When you’re not waging war with your enemies, you can develop your settlements and train your troops to make them stronger and more advanced.



Image credit: Halfbrick Studios

If you ever harbored fantasy of being a ninja and wielding a kick-ass katana to slice and dice your enemies, then Fruit Ninja may be the perfect app to act out your wishes.  Instead of a bloodbath, the app presents you with a never-ending rain of fruit which you slice through to win points. But be careful! If you hit one of the bombs or miss a fruit you lose.

The concept sounds easy enough but the gameplay is insane! The more fruit you juice, ninja-style, the faster they fall, leading to some furious slashing action.  Fruit Ninja lets you upgrade your blade and change backgrounds after reaching certain scores, so although the gameplay is repetitive, it never gets stale.

You can try out three gameplay modes, including Classic and Arcade modes where you have to last as long as you can or achieve for the highest score, and Zen mode where you can have fun cutting up fruit without restrictions.



Image credit: Double Down Casino, LLC

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Image credit: Rovio Mobile Ltd

Angry Birds is one of those gems that gamers will want to revisit often just to relive the moments that sparked off one of the biggest mobile gaming sensations! This game took easy to a whole new level. All you had to do was tap, swipe, and let go, to send one of the birds hurtling towards the nasty pigs hiding in their makeshift forts.

Each angry bird has a unique ability and the levels become increasingly mind-boggling as you have to work out the best way to destroy the green-snouted villains in as few moves as possible.  Although the original game is now a classic and has produced a number of spin-offs like Angry Birds Space or Angry Birds Rio, the developers still provide updates for the first game. The latest version now has 30 extra levels and even more destructive ways to send those piggies fly up in the air.

Let the games begin!

So there you have it. Five easy games for your iPad that you can download right now and start enjoying instantly by clicking the link on our official website.  Whether you want to kill time while waiting in line, or top your high-score during a boring meeting, these games are perfect for some mindless fun to help you face life’s daily stresses. Happy playing!